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A brief history:

In the summer of 1982, security chiefs from RCA, B.P.U.M. Security, Campbell's Plant, and Rutgers University met to discuss ways that the four facilities could better work together with security related matters since they were such close neighbors. This was the birth of what we now know as the "Camden Corporation Watch".

Initially the four members established patrol routes through each other's properties to mutually protect each of the properties. The "United Four" worked to develop "Hotlines", define their patrol schedules and purposes, and make an analysis of their efforts.

We asked the Pinkerton Security Force at Campbell Soup Headquarters, the security force at the Campbell Soup Headquarters and the security force at Cooper Medical Center to join in the concept. In May of 1983, the Camden Corporation Watch and the Camden Police Department set up the "Code and Objectives".

The Camden Corporation Watch officially became a non-profit corporation in 1986. We have restated our commitment to the reduction of crime, maintaining working relationships with other agencies, and the advancement of Law Enforcement and the Security Professions. 2017, we've evolved to 42 organizations in and around the "City of Camden" and we continue to grow. Our goal is to invite other organizations to join in our networking and professional development.

We meet every 2nd Wednesday for a luncheon at various locations throughout Camden and all are invited to attend.


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